LAHORE - The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) yesterday raided a factory of Shandy Cola located on Sheikhupura Road and sealed the production unit for allegedly using expired ingredients.

PFA officials confiscated 300,000 bottles filled with cold drinks and 400,000 empty bottles during the raid. PFA Director (Operations) Rafia Haider said that Shandy Cola was misleading the customers and wrong address was printed on the bottles. “The PFA vigilance cell first found the factory where expired ingredients were being used to make the soft drink. Chemicals were being used as sweeteners,” she said. She said that samples of cold drinks had miserably failed taste, quality and nutrition tests.

Shandy Cola is being sold in Lahore suburbs and small town of Punjab. The soft drink is in demand due to its low cost in the market compared to other soft drink brands.

The PFA spokesperson told The Nation that the production unit was allegedly using harmful chemicals in the cold drinks. Adding insult to the injury, he said, the unit was using expired ingredients. He said that an FIR was filed against the unit owners and three persons were arrested.

He said that dozens of drums with spurious chemicals were recovered from the unit during the raid. “PFA teams disposed of all the material and harmful chemicals being used in manufacturing of Shandy Cola,” the PFA spokesperson said.

"The factory was printing a bogus address on the bottles to trick the authorities," Haider said, explaining that their teams first visited the site on the address printed on the bottles and suspected something wrong when they found nothing there.

PFA also raided Geo Bilal Juice Corner in Garhi Shahu and imposed Rs15,000 fine on the outlet.