WAH CANTT - A video showing manufacturing of liquor in the official residence of a policeman in the Police Colony has created embarrassing situation for the police high-ups in addition to drawing public ire and criticism on social media.

The video clip shows that liquor is being manufactured by allegedly

some people, including a cop, in an official quarter located in the Police Colony behind the Wah Cantonment Police Station and a few yards away from the residence of Sub Divisional Police Officer of Wah Garrison.

As the video went viral on social media, cops from other police stations were called in to take action against their colleagues. A police party from Taxila Police Station was sent to arrest Ibraheem Kiyani but he was fled from the scene. Furthermore, two kilograms high quality heroin was also recovered from the site.

The same police party while tracing the trail of people involved in the ugly business raided a house in Jameelabad locality and recovered 1.5 kilogram heroin and arrested an accused namely Asad Abbass.

When contacted Spokesman of Wah Cantt Police Mohammad Ishtiaq said that Ibraheem Kiyani was dismissed from police service recently due to prolong absence and different illegal activities, including abduction of people. He said that a case has also been registered against the former cop and his other accomplices under narcotics act and search has launched for his arrest.

He said that the probe is also launched that the liquor was being manufactured in the official residence of the Police Lines. He said necessary departmental action would also be initiated against the official without any discrimination.