Lahore-L’Oréal will be hosting 6 students from Pakistan in Paris at the world finals and awards ceremony of L’Oréal Brandstorm. Brandstorm is a unique innovation competition hosted by the L’Oréal Group to allow students to unleash their creativity and showcase groundbreaking ideas.

This year more than 400 teams participated in the competition from Pakistan, two of which were selected for a chance to represent not only Pakistan, but also the entire Middle East North Africa Region. Muhammad Usman, Geena Parvaiz Saleh and Aleena Iqtidar from Team Gosling (Lums) will be competing to win the Brand Challenge while Mubashir Ghani Khawaja, Mahnoor Abrar and Shayan Sikander from Team Surge (Nust) will be competing to win the Tech Challenge of the competition.

Winners of Brandstorm 2017 are eligible for a 10,000 Euros grand prize along with a chance to start their career with the L’Oréal Group.

Talking about their experience so far, members from Team Surge said, “Brandstorm has brought a huge and drastic change in our lives, in terms of achievements, in terms of communication and confidence. You do not know how good it feels to achieve something so huge and be able to represent your country at an international platform until you have done it. We cannot wait to present our ideas in Paris!” Here is to hoping that both the teams bring the trophy home!