KAMALIA - Pakistani expatriate Chaudhary Sarwar Noor has contacted the family of late Chaudhry Rahmat Ali and offered to bury the remains of the Pakistan's historic figure in Islamabad which the family has graciously accepted.

As per details, Chaudhry Rahmat Ali was buried in Cambridge, UK 61 year ago while Chaudhary Sarwar has been trying to bring back his remains to Pakistan as per his last wishes. He told the media that he had contacted with the family and offered to bury the remains at Islamabad if UK government hands over the body to Pakistan. He said that the family of Chaudhry Rahmat Ali has graciously accepted the offer and the legal documents, demanded by the UK government have been mailed to them for signing. "The UK government has asked for the location of the burial in Pakistan. The family of late Chaudhry Rahmat Ali will get the approval from the Pakistan government and provide the approved documents to him.

After the approved document provided for the UK government, the application submitted by the Chaudhary Sarwar Noor in the UK court will be finally processed and the remains of Chaudhary Rahmat Ali will be handed over to his survivors in Pakistan," he said.