LAHORE - Returning Officer on Wednesday reserved decision on nomination papers of Maryam Nawaz for NA-125 following objections raised by her rival candidate Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Dr Yasmin Rashid.

The RO will announce decision on June 18.

Former prime minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz reached Civil Courts at noon for scrutiny of her nomination papers from NA-125 and PP-173. Prior to her arrival, the courtroom was screened with the help of metal detectors and sniffer dogs.

Four goats were slaughtered prior to her departure for the Judicial Complex.

Former provincial minister Kh Imran Nazir also reached the courtroom well before the arrival of Maryam Nawaz. PML-N workers welcomed the daughter of ex-PM with slogans in favour of party leadership.

The RO asked Maryam about possible measures to overcome water crisis and elimination of terrorism. She said that sincere efforts have already been made by the PML-N regime to combat terrorism. She said that reservoirs would be constructed to overcome water crisis.

Dr Yasmin Rashid raised 21 objections on her (Maryam) nomination papers. She raised objections on the basis of references filed in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), alleged misrepresentation and irregularities in income and expense relating information.

To the objections of Dr Yasmin Rashid, Maryam’s counsel said that all relevant details had already been given in the nomination papers.

The RO reserved the decision till June 18.

The RO for NA-127 allowed Maryam to participate in the scrutiny process through her counsel on Thursday (today).

On objection of a candidate that PTI Chairman Imran Khan did not fulfill the requirement of Article 62, 63 by not mentioning his daughter living abroad in the nomination papers, the RO for NA-131 Akhtar Bhangu sought reply till June 18.

The RO for NA-124 also sought reply from Hamza Shehbaz till June 18 on the objection of PTI’s Muhammad Khan Madni that he (Hamza) had not mentioned name and asset of one of his wife Ayesha Ahad Malik.

The RO for NA-132 Muhammad Aslam reserved decision on candidacy of Shehbaz Sharif.

ROs also reserved decision on nomination papers of PTI’s Shafqat Mahmood and PML-N’s Khawaja Ahmed Hassan for NA-130.

ROs accepted nomination papers of PML-N’s Malik Riaz for NA-123, MMA’s Liaqat Baloch for NA-130 and PTI’s Waleed Iqbal for NA-133.

Meanwhile, Maryam Nawaz Sharif has said that delay in the general elections can be catastrophic for the country.

Any bid to postpone the elections will yield very serious consequences for the country, she said while talking to media at the office of the returning officer where she was present along with a large number of party workers and leaders here yesterday.

She said delay in the election was such a thought that run contrary to democratic norms that needed to be defeated. Nawaz Sharif is also fighting this thought, she added.

Earlier before leaving for the office of RO, Maryam told the media at Raiwind that it was time that the voters should come out to ensure respect to the vote and the public mandate. She said it was now or never and she had also come down to the field leading the same cause. Maryam said after elections the PML-N will form government in centre and all four provinces. To a question whether she will prefer National or the Punjab Assembly after winning the election, she replied it will be decided according to the situation. She said the time was over for the question as to whether or not election will be held in time.

Meanwhile, Maryam, through a tweet, has demanded revisit to the disqualification verdict against Nawaz Sharif after a split decision has been made by the Supreme Court three-member bench on holding APML President Sheikh Rashid Ahmad qualified to take part in the election. “We must make every effort to dispel impression that different persons are treated differently [by SC]", Maryam said quoting Justice Faez Isa and added, “Verdict today casts shadow over federation. Full Court must revisit Nawaz Sharif disqualification. Lone voice from Balochistan in SC must not be silenced.”

Sadqa of four goats was performed at Jatiumra before Maryam Nawaz Sharif left the RO office for scrutiny of her nomination papers.

Talking to a private TV channel, Maryam said “I pray to God that we are successful in our respect for vote movement,” Maryam said speaking to a private TV channel.

Maryam added that she had come out for the country, nation and 'respect for vote'. “May Allah Almighty protect the country from different diseases,” she added.

“The time has passed for those who were hatching plots to delay the elections. The nation has awoken from sleep and the people are well aware of everything now,” Maryam remarked.

"I urge all voters to come out and vote. It's now or never," she remarked.

Drawing comparison between her father Nawaz Sharif and a certain ‘dictator’, she remarked, “There is a vast difference between the way Nawaz and the dictator are being treated.”

“The dictator has been granted freedom, while the PM, who was appointed by the nation, has been humiliated time and again.”