Like every year the 12th of June is commemorated as the day against child labour by UNO everywhere in the world. The day is important to stop little children from working at a young age. The irony is that, despite the spread of education, awareness and progress, in every coming year, there is a solid increase in child labour. The latest figure informs that in poor and developing countries, one out of four children is exploited in child labour. According to the report issued in 2015, approximately 82 thousand innocent children died due to violence at their workplace.

Additionally, there are one crore 25 lacs children involved in child labour in our country. Unfortunately, their age ranges from 10 to 14 which is again against the rule of law.

Here are a few suggestions to get rid of this menace. Education is free but it ought to be made mandatory for every child. First, children out of school should be sent back to school

Secondly, the action should be taken against those who appoint children in factories, garages, as a servant at home or involve children in the begging industry.

Third, provide vocational education in order to get rid of unemployment. If acted upon the suggestions given above, we can save our innocent children from child labour and many other evils of society.


Larkano, June 12.