Habib Bank is one of the most renowned banks of Pakistan and is internationally recognised. Yet the bank has been defying the duty of paying a pension to its retired employees despite earning high profits every year. Under article 9 and 4 of the constitution of Pakistan, it a fundamental right of an employee to receive a pension by the relevant parent institution. Yet the bank has been ignorant towards its duty since 2005 when it froze the pension accounts.

The retired bank employees union has been fighting their case in the courts of Pakistan for about a decade yet nothing has been come out of their efforts. The bank has hired a top-notch lawyer who has been seeking dates from the courts. As it is said, justice delayed is denied and we have lost hope for justice from the most prestigious body of the country.

I request the federal government to take swift action against the bank and compel them to pay 70% of the last salary drawn as pension with annual increments and in arrears. The Prime Minister recently launched an ambitious poverty alleviation and social security plan called Ehasas in order to provide fundamental rights to the people of Pakistan. Part of these fundamental rights includes receiving a pension by the relevant institution. With rising inflation and an explosive budget, immediate relief should be given to the retired employees and their families.

Also I myself am taking stern action against the bank for disregarding its own employees by closing my HBL account. I urge others to do the same to make the bank socially responsible and for acting as per the contract and laws of Pakistan.


Lahore, June 9.