Despite several lessons from history proving that violence and injustice cannot tame a group of people, India keeps making the same mistakes it always has with the Kashmiri people. Apart from forceful clamping down on the Indian Kashmir people’s right to self-determination, India also has laws governing the state which are nothing short of draconian.

Indeed, although international organisations have often looked the other way in the case of Indian controlled Kashmir, even Amnesty International has reported on India’s human rights violating laws on Kashmiris. Amnesty International has called India’s use of its law “the Public Safety Act (PSA)” as a “lawless law” which is being misused by the Indian state to allow for detention without trial for Kashmiris. Under this law, the authorities hold children, old people and the disabled in detention without trial. The law prohibits the detention of children but Amnesty documented several cases where minors were knowingly detained. The report also found 71 cases of revolving-door detentions.

The misuse of this law is clearly a flagrant violation of human rights and should be condemned around the world. To hold people in detention for long periods of time without a trial is a unanimously unjust act of tyranny and oppression. India should realise that these harsh actions are not successful in subduing the Kashmiri people. Instead, these draconian laws go against India’s interests since they further fuel animosity, hatred and dissent amongst Indian controlled Kashmir, and rightly so when the disabled, women and children of Indian controlled Kashmir are not safe from this tyrannical law. For its own sake, and for the sacredness of the human rights doctrine, India ought to repeal this law immediately and provide apologies and relief to the people it has held in detention without a trial.