GN Hollywood - The Men In Black movies are about chemistry as much as they’re about aliens. Beginning with the gruff father/cocky son dynamic between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in Barry Sonnenfeld’s 1997 original, the series has been powered largely by the interplay between its charismatic leads. Men In Black: International, the 22-years-in fourth entry in the franchise, is no exception, recruiting Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson to recreate some of that Thor: Ragnarok magic as Agents H and M of the Men In Black. The fast-fashion pun there is presumably unintentional, but still a pretty apt description of the film, which is stylish enough to catch the eye but ultimately of rather shoddy construction. Our story travels not only through space, but also time, beginning with Agent H and the eye-rollingly-named High T (Liam Neeson) storming the Eiffel Tower for a confrontation with the ominously named Hive in 2016. That bit of foreshadowing established, we jump straight back to 1996, when budding science nerd Molly (Mandeiya Flory) gains a new dimension to her space obsession after witnessing an MIB operation in her own backyard. Molly’s parents are neuralized into blissful ignorance of the extraterrestrial event, but Molly manages to escape with her memories intact. Cut to the present day, where Molly (Tessa Thompson) has tried every avenue available for joining the Men In Black short of just strolling in wearing a black suit. So that’s exactly what she finally does, wandering into the agency’s off-the-grid headquarters and gaining the instant admiration of bureau chief Agent O (Emma Thompson) in the process.

Watching Will Smith being initiated into this secret society of intergalactic cops was one of the most enjoyable aspects of Men In Black, and Men In Black: International hits all those same beats but at an accelerated pace. After hustling through a training montage that resembles the “previously on” segment at the beginning of a TV episode, Agent O practically pushes the newly christened Agent M out the door and onto an underwater express train to keep the plot moving... or, sorry, to investigate Agent O’s suspicion that there might be something amiss at the MIB’s London office.

There may be some life on other planets but there is none in Men in Black new instalment.