LAHORE      -    Pakistan FMCG Importers Association (PFIA) said linking CNIC of every unregistered buyer compulsory for sale of goods will make business further difficult for the commercial importers and distributors. In a statement issued on Thursday, PFIA reacted on the proposal announced in finance bill 2019-20. The proposal also states that failing in obtaining CNIC number of the unregistered buyer will disallow claiming of input tax adjustment against any such sale.

PFIA Vice Chairman Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer, Secretary General Ali Tariq Mattoo and Shoaib Saeed said that this proposal is impracticable and severely hamper the government efforts of enhancing tax collection. They regretted that the government did nothing to withdraw the controversial SRO 237 in budget for next year which is not only discouraging the legal importers but also encouraging the evils such as smuggling and under-invoicing.

PFIA leadership said that that condition of obtaining CNIC number was also imposed some years back but later withdrawn owing to be impracticable.  They said that buyers of any distributor in some cases run into hundreds and range from hawkers to small shopkeepers. It is not possible to obtain CNIC number on each sale from these small shopkeepers.

They urged the government to withdraw SRO 237 and CNIC conditions by amending the proposed finance bill 2019-20 to let the legal commercial importers and distributors run their business with peace of mind and also discouraging the smuggling and under-invoicing. They assured the government that encouraging the legal importers will help in achieving its revenue targets.