Unfounded accusations, unprovoked violations along the Line of Control (LoC) and weak attempts at espionage. This is all we have received from the Indian state in the past few years, although the government here at home has repeatedly made attempts to put old hostilities behind us. With consistent attempts to target civilians along the LoC, wasting quadcopters to try and glean some information and claims of Pakistan sending spy pigeons to gather intelligence, it is clear that India’s ‘Pakistan strategy’ lacks any real substance. Individual plans range from callous to just plain ridiculous.

The latest tactic is a bit of both. When the quadcopters kept getting shot down, a new attempt at espionage was uncovered when security officials apprehended two Indian nationals hailing from Indian Occupied Kashmir, who admitted to spying at the behest of the Indian state. This in itself is not new for us; Khulbushan Yadav and the plan to foment unrest in Balochistan is the most high-profile of several cracks taken at clandestine operations in Pakistan by the eastern neighbour.

The ‘spies’ this time though, are just poor people that the government of India forced into coming to Pakistan. This is how the Indian state treats people it claims to be its own citizens. It was always abundantly clear that the government across the border sees the people of Kashmir – especially Muslims – as expendable, but this is a new low altogether.

It is troubling as ever that the Indian state is not above forcing Kashmiris to do its dirty work. With extrajudicial killings and the torture of Kashmiri citizens already rampant in IOK, forcing Kashmiris to put their lives at risk and crossing the border into Pakistan – knowing full well they are likely to be apprehended or worse – is indicative of the malicious minds running the Indian government. All Pakistanis see the Kashmiris as our own people, and such sad attempts will not create any rifts between us. India must do better.