ATTOCK             -           The dead body of a person you people received earlier and buried was not your husband’s. Mistakenly the dead body of someone else was handed over to you people.

This was the call received by the widow of Zeeshan Malik from PIA authorities who had lost his life in a plane (PK 3803) crash a couple of days before Eid.

Zeeshan Malik was among 92 passengers of the ill-fated flight.

He was resident of Dhok Lahm Tehsil Pindigheb, an employee of an oil company. Two days after the crash of PK 3803, on the day of Eidul Fitr, the authorities had handed over the dead body of Zeeshan, which his widow and other legal heirs had received, and later buried it in the graveyard of Dhok Lahm in tehsil Pindigheb of Attock district in the presence of a large number of mourners.

After two weeks, suddenly his widow received a call that the dead body of Zeeshan had now been identified through DNA test and the body they had received earlier was of Zohaib s/o Sharif Raza r/o Karachi. This call was more shocking for her than the call she had received when the plane had crashed.

She, along with her other relatives and in- laws, was in a state of shock, grief and confusion.

However, at last, she along with her relatives again went to Karachi and received another dead body, which, as per the PIA authorities, was that of Zeeshan.

His funeral prayer was held in village Lahm and he was laid to rest beside Zohaib’s grave which was two days ago the grave of Zeeshan Malik, but now was renamed as that of Zohaib.

On the other hand, the relatives of Zohaib were also informed about the great mistake, rather a blunder and carelessness on the part of the PIA authorities.

However they decided not to exhume the grave of Zohaib.