Recently, I visited a Data Darbar in Lahore. There I saw people lying on the floors as if they were on the brink of death. Upon inquiry, I found that they were drug addicts. This incident exposed the shortcomings of the narcotics control department. People in Pakistan are increasingly becoming addicted to all kinds of drugs, including street drugs and prescription drugs.

Due to the tardiness of relevant authorities, drug addicts are rapidly increasing in number across Pakistan, with most of these addicts being youngsters. As a nation, this is an alarming situation for all of us and presents quite a challenge. We should try and reduce the prevalence of drugs for the sake of human lives.

The use of narcotics is harmful not only for those addicted, but also has a negative impact on the very fabric of society. Bystanders become third party victims to its abuse through the mental and emotional trauma they face as a result of their loved ones engaging in them. The effects of an addiction can be dangerous mentally, physically, and spiritually to a drug addict.

Unfortunately, if inaction remains, such a problem will increase in its magnitude. For now, I do not see a quick and effective method at deterrence, but I hope that officials will take some measures to curb the spread of such a culture.