ISLAMABAD            -        The PTI’s senior lawmakers will take all its coalition partners into confidence about budgetary proposals - including the decision to not increase salaries and pensions of government servant - in order to jointly pass it from the lower house of parliament with a majority of votes.

The PTI’s government on Friday presented the federal budget 2020-21 with a total outlay Rs 7.136 trillion for next fiscal year by imposing no new tax. The government in its second budget had not increased the salaries and pensions of government servants, which has given a chance to opposition to strongly oppose the decision.

The government side would face stiff resistance from the opposition on its decision in an upcoming debate on budgetary proposals for the fiscal year 2020-21.

The total size of the budget for the next year is Rs7.136 trillion, with a deficit of Rs3.437 trillion (7 percent of GDP).  The main strategy of the present government is to provide relief to the masses by not imposing any new tax, which it believes would help increase the economic activity in the country.