Lakki marwat            -    Several pushcart vendors were arrested during an anti-encroachment operation in Lakki city, said an official of district administration on Saturday.

Assistant Commissioner Nadir Shahzad Khan supervised the operation which was launched on the complaints of local residents of urban locality. The residents had complained that pushcart vendors had occupied roadsides and spaces in front of shops to turn their businesses, thus causing inconvenience for motorists and pedestrians.

It is pertinent to mention here that the district administration with the support of tehsil municipal administration had set up a model bazaar in Mela Mandi locality of Lakki city for pushcart vendors so as to avoid traffic mess and unnecessary rush and crowd in bazaars. Many vendors have shifted their business to the model bazaar while others are still running business activities along roadsides and in front of shops.

During the operation, the administration and municipal employees removed carts from bazaars and roadsides and sent the vendors behind bars.

The assistant commissioner said on the occasion that occupation of roadsides and spaces in busy bazaars for business activities was intolerable.

He asked the pushcart vendors to shift their business to the model bazaar by adopting proper procedure otherwise they would not be spared during anti encroachment operation.