PR LAHORE - President of University of Management & Technology (UMT) Ibrahim Hasan Murad shared his views over budget cut in higher education and said that the budget reduction would result in a financial panic for academia and will bring youth on roads. He expressed that young students should be given relief in educational funds. Government should release tax free educational funds for our youth so that they would be able to get education in such crises of Covid-19, he said. Ibrahim Murad said that the future of our youth would be at stake if the budget of the higher education sector could not increase for the current fiscal year 2020-2021, because of Covid-19 pandemic, the education sector is already suffering through financial problems. The government of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission should look into the matter seriously, taking extra measures to avoid any untoward situation, he added. Putting emphasis on the seriousness of the matter Ibrahim told that “The current government is known to be the torch bearer of educational reforms in Pakistan which was also a part of their election manifesto. So it is their fundamental responsibility to look into the matter and save higher education institutes from the aftermath of budget cuts as literacy rate of Pakistan is already very poor.”