Balochistan constitutes almost 40% of our landmass and therefore is an important factor in the new arithmetic of regional geo-economics. The emerging Middle East is just at the doorsteps of Balochistan. It is also the El Dorado as far as the wealth of natural minerals and valuable deposits are concerned. A recent image was quite promising in which General Ashfaq Kayani inaugurated a marble mine in Balochistan. Is the military face really required in every economic activity of this province? Army is naturally a factor in this part of Pakistan, because almost 60% of Balochistan is the B Area, which is almost ungovernable by normal mechanics of the governmental dispensation. Change in terms of improvement in social indicators is the real key to counter any centrifugal tendencies. Do we require Harvard qualified anthropologists or ethnographers to identify these problems? Development initiatives are the best measures which can bring change. People of Balochistan are to be engaged with trust building efforts. As per all the modern writers, trust is the glue which binds the nation together. The Government of Pakistan should undertake the development projects on a war footing as it is going to be the snowball to the winter of discontent. The army having boots on ground and fairly heavy footprint in the area can be tasked to undertake civil affairs operation under the auspices of federal government. The mineral exploration is one area which even after becoming controversial, is still going to be the major employment giving sector. New roads will have the same effect as that of historic trans-European train or the eighteenth century English channel steamships. Balochistan requires immediate attention and response from all the players. Youth of the province is waiting for gestures of paternal magnanimity from the state. People in general are not in habit of queuing up for fulfilment of their basic needs. The dispensation of governance has to be improved if state is to be recovered in the hillocks of mystical Makran. Responsibility also lies with the ruling political party of the province. Prudence demands active participation in political process. The ostrich like approach by anyone who matters is going to be the harbinger of a sandstorm which might change the landscape when the whistle blowing wind stops. ABID LATIF SINDHU, February 28.