At a time when the world is manufacturing and plying bullet trains to match aeroplanes speed, Pakistan Railways is demanding locomotives to run its operations, ignoring the fact that it has the facility to assemble engines at its own factory in Risalpur and also highlighting the negligence of the PR officials. China which is running almost 10,000 locomotives daily, recently launched worlds fastest train, pushing behind Japan, Europe and America in this field. The question is when China is using its own locomotives successfully, then why Pakistan Railways cant run these engines (Chinese made) in Pakistan successfully, as these engines are working very well in China but not so in Pakistan. A source privy to department revealed that though PR downfall symptoms started in 1970s but visible steep decline trend begun when a troika comprising of PR Minister General Javed Ashraf, Chairman General Saeed and GM Manufacturing and Services General Hamid Butt, despite having no prior experience of railways, ordered Chinese locomotives without taking into account their specifications just for the sake of their kick-backs. The other hard fact is that when these ill-fated locomotives reached and were put on tracks, an American locomotive license-holder contractor and an influential political element, in a bid to fail these locomotives, induced his supporters to ensure that genuine spare parts should not be replaced at a time when these locomotives needed them badly. Instead, they replaced fake spare parts or avoided to make any replacement. Resultantly, these locomotives stopped on the way to their respective destinations. It is true that China-made locomotives have had extra axle load up to 24 tons per axle compared to 22.86 tons approved in PR menu. However, Chinese promised to reduce it up to allowed limit if PR administration gives them same height specification of locomotives permitted to Americans and Japanese manufacturers. But strangely they were neither denied nor given the same. In fact, a conspiracy was hatched against Chinese middleman Dong Feng Trading House (DFTH) and locomotive manufacturer Mishan Locomotives Works by putting these overhaul-hungry locomotives on section tracks where they could not perform well and proved to be dangerous. Once Quaid-i-Azam said that roads and railway tracks are like veins of countrys economy and without them progress was possible. Likewise, when a TV anchor asked former Indian Prime Minister IK Gujral what he would like to accomplish if he once again made PM, he said he would like to promote Indian Railways. It shows the importance of rail network. The cruelty is that not only PR administration is snoring but high-ups of the country are also in a deep slumber to take steps for the solution of problems. Currently, Pakistan Railways is in a miserable condition because of lack of locomotives. Senior Vice President Prem Union Sheikh Mohammad Anwar revealed that out of 500 total operational locomotives fleet, currently PR has only 33 perfect locomotives having 6 motors, 123 have 4 motors while 156 have installed only two motors. The PR dilapidated situation has multiple reasons including corruption, incompetency and last but not the least a DMG head rather than a technocrat. How is it possible for a DMG official to cope with the technicalities of rail operations that needs highly sophisticated devises and network, he asked. He said that according to a Transparency International report that revealed Nadra, Motorway Police and Passport office are being run with good governance with the same Pakistani officials who are responsible for Pakistan Railways operations. Then why PR desperately needs funds for the purchase of new locomotives and for the repairing of existing engine fleet. He said that the present operation system of PR is shameful as even mail trains remain stuck at their starting point due to lack of locomotives until another passenger train could not reach at the same station and lend its locomotive to run the mail train. In this way, people suffered and trains schedule badly affected. This late schedule of trains has changed the mentality of commuters and they have shifted to road side sector. It is pity that all three government-owned departments including Pakistan Railways, PIA and NLC desperately need restructuring and overhauling. Government needs to evolve a transport ministry to regulate these public sector entities especially PR as it is a means of transportation for poor section of society. He regretted that since the inception of Pakistan, all governments remained failed to announce transport policy while Indian government announced the same back in 1948. According to a study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, transportation of one ton per kilometre by road is five times expensive comparing to railway network. If government helps out PR by releasing bail out package of Rs11.1 billion like PIA, PSM, not only passengers and traders would get a sigh of relief but employees of PR would also bring their department out of multiple crises, he added. He said that till 1990, the carriage factory in Islamabad was exporting freight wagons and coaches for Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, in addition to meeting local requirements. Rather than augmenting this facility, snoring of high-ups to confront issues and the lure of kickbacks resulted that factory has virtually shut down and orders were being placed for the import of carriages. He claimed that from 1960 to 1973, PR was in profit. The situation was entirely changed when provision of road route-permit was eliminated in 1970, he said, adding that officers of PR remained in deep slumber at that time rather they struggled hard to fetch more business. The incompetency of PR marketing department can be judged from the fact that in 70s PR had hold over 90 per cent freight business of the country but now PR is struggling hard to get meagre 5 per cent out of countrys total cargo business. The shameful fact is that furious employees halt trains because of non-payment of their salaries in time although PR has raised fares up to 25 per cent and earn extra Rs 5 million per day. Sheikh Anwar claimed that when three officials of Railways approached Finance Minister Shaikh Hafeez and SBP Governor for the release of funds, he could not convince them that bailout package money would be spent on productive way. Instead he only insisted them to release funds. Sheikh Anwar assured that even government has approved bailout package of Rs 11.1 billion but it would not release it owing to fact that high-ups neither have knowledge how and where to disburse funds nor even they knew what was the exact income of PR. It is because that railway accounts are not subject to scrutiny by the Auditor General of Pakistan and this factor has become main cause of revenue and procurement pilferage. He claimed that if government begins overhauling of Pakistan Railways today, it would take almost 10 years to stand this department on its own feet. He suggested the government to take measures for the betterment of PR, otherwise its fate would be the same as of Punjab Road Transport Board that was wiped out from the scene for good as conductors and drivers of their local buses fleet never deposited collected money in government kitty.