This letter is from a student and eyewitness and is meant to divert the attention of ever sleeping concerned authorities to save the dignity and future of students especially female students who go to Karachi Intermediate Board Office for carrying out their important educational works like submission of forms etc. The students go there and make queues in front of the windows where forms are distributed and submitted. Students show complete discipline there but some boys of a student party, Pukhtoon Students Federation (PSF) working under the umbrella of an ethnic political party ANP, disturb the peaceful students including girls and force them to purchase or submit forms through them despite standing in a queue which is a proper procedure. The PSF boys force the students to purchase or submit forms through them and ask extra money (bribe) against their illegal and forcible services. For instance, they are offering a form, originally of Rs. 25, in Rs. 100 and they also force students not to stand in a queue but to give their forms to them. They would submit their forms themselves and charge Rs. 100 for this service which is originally, of course, free of cost. If any student refuses their services, they misbehave with him and threaten him and even female students are given no concession. Some female students come with their parents; ironically, even these bullies do not spare the parents and they misbehave and use abusive language with the elders of the society. It is notable to mention here that some staff of the Intermediate Board Office and policemen deployed there, are also assisting the PSF boys in their illegal activities. The staff provides them with forms which they sell forcibly at their own rates and the staff also receives forms of the students from the PSF boys, which these bullies forcibly take from the students which is totally illegal. The police deployed there, also do not take any notice of their illegal activities but rather support them. The PSF boys mostly come from a nearby boys college, Govt. Shipowners College, where they are in majority and reportedly disrupt the educational activities and force neutral students to join their student cum political wing. I request the concerned authorities on behalf of all students to deploy responsible and sincere policemen and rangers officials to control these bullies and save the students dignity and their academic future as they have been making troubles for the students and their parents as well. Appropriate action must be taken against PSF boys and the staff of Intermediate Board Office and policemen who are assisting them in their illegal and troublesome activities. FARHAN OWAIS, Karachi, March 11.