This has reference to a recent spate of roadside hooliganism and theft cases in Karachi where herds of people deprived the innocent citizens of their valuables and cash. The incidents are both unique and common as the robbers and burglars attacked in the form of groups of 20-25 people. Their targets were the commuters stranded in traffic jams. This is contrary to routine snatching attempts in which snatchers comprise of maximum 2 persons, usually pillion riders. Up till, now cases in Baldia town, Dalmia road and Korangi Crossing area have been brought to the light through media reports. Such incidents are only an indication of extreme level of anarchy. It is dreadful to see a huge number of criminals all together at liberty to ransack and plunder at their will. It is useless to talk about police here since the mere role adopted by our police force is to make snap checking and make more and more money. Where is the writ of the government? Who is responsible to provide security and safety to Karachites? A common citizen can neither afford nor is he prepared to keep and use the ammunition for personal safety. And if the citizens start to assume this role, one could well imagine the level of chaos it would create in a city as diverse as Karachi and especially which has a history of gruesome bloodshed on the basis of ethnicity, religious or political affiliations. I wonder who will become the custodian of this 'city of lights. ALI AMMAR, Karachi, February 28.