Dmitry Medvedev, Russias Twitter president, has discovered the real reason for the revolution in Libya. It was not caused by the corruption of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi or the poverty of the people. It was the insidious work of Western intelligence agencies. In a presidential urbi et orbi, Medvedev said: Lets face the truth. They have been preparing such a scenario for us, and now they will try even harder to implement it. But I would like to ask the president: Why have more than 1 million Russians emigrated over the past 10 years to the West and not to Libya or Venezuela? Why the mass exodus to enemy countries? Question No 2 for Medvedev: More than 400,000 Russians have bought homes in Britain in recent years and 250,000 in France many of whom are government officials who have also invested large sums of money on enemy territory and spend a lot of time there. Isnt that dangerous? What if some are recruited by Western intelligence agencies? Question No 3: Russias top-ranking officials customarily fly on jets owned by Gennady Timchenkos company, Airfix Aviation, based in Helsinki. But is it wise for planes that transport our precious deputy prime ministers and other government ministers to be based in Helsinki? What if those vicious Western intelligence agencies plant a bomb on one of those jets? Question No 4: The actual murder rate in Russia is 40 for every 100,000 people as compared with four per 100,000 in the United States and less than one for every 100,000 in Europe. Could it really be that Western secret agents are roaming incognito across the countryside killing off defenceless Russians? Question No 5: Graft by Russian officials is approaching 50 percent of the gross domestic product. Medvedev admitted that graft in state procurement contracts alone totals 1 trillion rubles ($35.5 billion). Are Western agents really pocketing all of that money? If so, why dont Medvedev and Putin put them on trial and send them to prison for at least 20 or 30 years. Last question: President Medvedev initially announced that the revolution in Libya had been orchestrated by Western intelligence services and went on to denounce the Libyan authorities use of force against their own civilians. If the Libyan people are really only puppets of the West, then Gaddafi was right to fire on them. Apparently, Medvedev would like to have his Western cake and eat it, too. Moscow Times