Giving the call for shutter down strike, PPP leaders took out rallies and staged demonstration against the removal of Chairman NAB Deedar Hussain Shah on the orders of Supreme Court. All the PPP ministers and lawmakers took out a rally from the Sindh Assembly to the Sindh High Court building. The protest turned violent, claimed five innocent lives in Karachi besides other loses. Interestingly, PPP is the ruling party in Sindh as well at the centre. Now the question arises whether the strike is against the democratic system benefiting PPP itself? Corruption cases against PPP ministers and removal of its loyalists from key posts has pushed it to the wall. The court has exposed and surrounded corrupt politicians. Again Raymond David case, investigation of issuing of visas to Americans without scrutiny, and above all fear of losing US support is haunting the government round the clock. Reading, writings on the wall, crumbling PPP government in a fix took to streets, turned violent and used Sindh Card. Sindh Card would cost political leaders much, especially their credibility. It is better to avoid such tactics that put the nation on fire. PPP is a national party but unfortunately, it is playing biased and regional role that is neither vision of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto nor BB Shaheed. Punjab is the power base of PPP but more often than not it has been hurting feelings of the people by opposing construction of Kalabagh and cutting off supply of gas. Had not PML-N supported it, the PPP would not have formed government at the centre. The government is defying the apex court. DG FIA and other contract employees were not removed on the orders of the court. Our representatives involved in fake degree cases were again given party tickets to contest the election. Similarly, cabinet was dissolved but again the same lot assumed offices. The court is giving time again and again, and curing disease. Its worth mentioning that now the people, who were above law, are being held accountable. Now the son of Prime Minister had to appear in the court while Mohnis Ilahi also has to appear before the courts. So being disparate, they are playing different cards to escape accountability. It is evident that something is wrong at the bottom and they are raising finger at the judiciary. The protest against the apex court decision is not a healthy sign. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, March 12.