WASHINGTON  - Observing that there are multiple overlapping worlds in Pakistan, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said the country is vital to America’s counter-terrorism efforts, economic stability and regional cooperation goals for the region. “There are multiple overlapping worlds in Pakistan and we have to deal with all of them simultaneously,” Clinton said in her address to the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference.

“But the country is vital to our counter-terrorism, economic stability, and regional cooperation goals for the region,” Clinton said. adding that the US will continue to engage where they even have legitimate concerns and disagreements.

Clinton said a critical element of America’s path forward in Afghanistan will be the success of the Afghans in securing and leading their country for themselves. “Ryan Crocker (the US Ambassador to Afghanistan) has brought his tremendous lifetime experience to this really difficult job at this moment. They will need help,” she said. “I’ve asked many of you, as a key element of President Obama’s policy, to press the governments to which you are accredited to pledge substantial financial support to the Afghan security forces for the period beyond 2014,” Clinton said.

In these frontline states and in all countries facing instability, the US has put a special focus on protecting universal human rights, increasing political participation, and enforcing the rule of law. “It also puts an extra burden on us to live our values and to, both on the military and civilian side, demonstrate who we are as a people,” she said. “Because when people feel safe and empowered to pursue their legitimate aspirations, they are more likely to reject extremism and to invest in their own societies. So human rights and global security are deeply and directly linked. “We cannot sacrifice one without damaging both.”

“And we have been working to use our position on the UN Human Rights Council to continue standing up for universal human rights on the international scene,” she said.

“I recognise that sustainable progress on human rights and democracy can only happen from within. But we do have an obligation to help amplify voices of those advocating for change in their own societies, including non-governmental human rights and democracy activists,” she said.

“In recent years, a number of governments have taken actions aimed at disempowering these groups. Today in the Middle East and North Africa and elsewhere, governments are challenging the propriety of American support for civil society organisations,” Clinton said.