ISLAMABAD - A single bench of Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday directed secretary Establishment Division to forward cases of 428 contractual employees of Islamabad police to the cabinet sub-committee for regularisation.All 428 police officials were ex-army men and they were appointed in ICT police in 2009 on contract basis in BPS-5.  They were given jobs on contract in the face of rise in militancy and terrorist activities in the city.On Wednesday Justice Riaz Ahmad Khan resumed hearing of the case. The bench directed secretary establishment division to forward cases of 428 police officials of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) to the cabinet sub-committee that would consider them for regularisation as per policy and would complete the process in fifteen days time.Adbul Rehman, the counsel for plaintiffs, adopted before the court that his client had been working in ICT police on contract since 2009.He pleaded that federal government introduced a policy regarding regularization of the contract daily/wage employees and under that policy service of thousands of government employees have been regularized, but, his clients were being regularized.  The lawyer further adopted that under the said policy one year service in contract is required for regularization and his clients have been working for more than 3 years.A deputy attorney general (DAG) however told the IHC bench that the petitioners were appointed on contract basis, as there was a ban on regular appointments. He further submitted before the court that the government has already appointed police officials through regular process and the petitioners cannot be regularized. The court however observed that due to appointment of these officials, the services of other employees would not be affected.“Eligibility of the petitioners as to whether they are entitled for regularisation or not, is to be decided by the cabinet sub-committee,” observed the court ruling. The court directed Establishment Division to forward cases of said contractual employees to cabinet committee for consideration.It is relevant to note here that Islamabad police was about to cancel contract of said officials. Even, reportedly, Central Police Office was working to replace said officials with influential candidates. However, after this order of IHC , now police high-ups have to postpone the programme.