WAZIRABAD - An army helicopter, soon after its flight from Gujranwala Cantt on Thursday morning, crash landed due to some technical fault in a field near village Jandiala Dhabwala, 8 kilometre south of Wazirabad.

The crew including two army officers namely Major Muhammd Umair and Major Muhammad Ali remained safe and suffered minor injuries while helicopter was partially damaged.

As per details, an army helicopter was on its training flight with Maj Muhammad Umair and Maj Muhammad Ali on board. It took off from Gujranwala Cantt in the morning.  During flight, the pilot feeling some fault in fins, took it away from the road and residential area and landed it in field safely.

The helicopter landed between GT Road and a railway track which was 200 metres away from a girls school at 8:35 am.

The crew of the helicopter remained safe. The helicopter did not suffer any major damage too.

Soon after the incident, military police reached the scene and cordoned off the area. Sadar Police and rescue staff also reached the site and shifted the crew to CMH Gujranwala.