LAHORE - PML-N Central Leader and MNA Hamza Shahhaz Sharif has said that the government of his party is strictly committed to friendly ties with India and other neighbouring countries.

The present era is not of wars and conflicts but taking lead over others in terms of economic prosperity and national development, said Hamza while addressing the media alongwith eminent Indian film star Om Puri who is on a private visit of the City at Model Town on Thursday.

Om Puri has the credit of acting in over 250 motion films of India and Hollywood.  On a special invitation he is first time in the City where he is also performing in a stage drama to the much interest of drama-goers.

Addressing the media on Pakistan and India ties, Hamza said that the PML-N today has the same stand on it as it had in 1997 when the Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee visited Lahore on Dosti Bus to open up new vistas of friendship and good relations responding to the sentiments of Pakistan government.

He reminded that at that time Vajpayee under the shadows of Minar-e-Pakistan had announced friendship with Pakistan on equal level hence his visit and the Lahore Declaration formed landmark for renewed ties between the countries.

Hamza said trade links, cultural and sports exchanges between them would hugely benefit the peoples of both the countries.

He said it is time that India and Pakistan ending their tension set on a race to improve living standard of the poor on both sides.

Hamza said that the recent participation of the Indian players in the Punjab Youth Festival as a good means to bridge the gulf between the people on both sides and foster love in them. He stressed upon both the governments to continue their efforts through the sports and cultural means.

Om Puri speaking on the occasion thanked Lahoriites for according him warm welcome and their hospitality and love.

He said that the amount of love and respect he received in the City belies the impression of bad ties between the two countries and it gives the feeling that people are tied up strongly in the bonds of love.

He said Vajpayee came here with a message of love but someone from behind ‘exploded a cracker’ to derail the process of better and close ties between India and Pakistan.