March 8 is internationally observed as Women’s Day every year but women’s problems are increasing every year in Pakistan. Logistics and statistics show a rise in the trend of violence against women. With no proper laws or no implementation, it’s a lot cause. Our country has become a safe haven for all kinds of criminals. They know they can get away with any crime. What have women gained from this celebrated day?

Many women have been slaughtered at the altar of ‘WANI’ tradition and many have died at the hands of their honourable brothers, fathers, husbands. Did these traditions rise from Islam? Are we living in a Muslim country and practising Kufar! Isn’t this a moment of shame for the whole society? Is this the purpose of observing Women’s Day every year? Everyone wants to take an initiative in observing a day for women but we should be taking initiatives to give rights to our women.


Lahore, March 9.