ISLAMABAD - Special Assistant to Prime Minister Irfan Siddiqui has said that broader contours of dialogue with defunct Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan will become clear when the members of TTP-nominated team will come back from Miranshah in next couple of days after meeting with Taliban Shura.

Talking to media persons here at National Press Club on Thursday, Irfan Siddiqui, who remained coordinator of the defunct four-member committee constituted to establish contact with TTP, said the signals coming from TTP leadership were positive. He expressed optimism about the success of peace parleys.

To a question, he said the TTP-nominated committee members would bring with them some demands and terms and conditions from Taliban Shura for holding of future talks while the government would also come up with some terms and then both sides would sit down decide the terms of reference for the peace parleys.

To another question, he said after successfully establishing contact with TTP leadership he along with other members of the committee had jointly asked prime minister to form another committee to engage TTP leadership in direct talks and dissolve their committee, which had successfully accomplished its task.

He was quite optimistic about bringing peace through dialogue saying a few months back nobody was even ready to accept that government and TTP leadership could even think of holding dialogue to establish peace to the restive tribal areas.

To a query, he said once the wish-lists of both government and the TTP would be on table, the two sides would engage in formal dialogue and sift doable and non-doable demands from both sides.