KARACHI - Lyari residents accused the Sindh government and the law enforcers for the worst law and order situation of their area.

They staged protest outside the Karachi Press Club here on Thursday.

They staged protest outside the KPC and also at the DIG South Office against the gang war which claimed some 20 lives in Jhatpat Market area of Kalakot police station.

They demanded the federal government to take stern action against the gangsters and the elements in the ruling political party who are providing backup support to the criminals in connivance with the law enforcers.

The protesters, including women and children, staged a sit-in and chanted slogans against the Sindh government and gangsters. At least 600 residents of the troubled areas have left their homes due to the bloody gang war. Holding the keys of their houses, they informed that they have locked their houses and gathered here to hand over the keys to the police. They declared that they would only return to their homes until the security agencies restore peace in the Lyari localities.

Moreover, they said the current situation had put a question mark on the performance of police and Rangers. The pickets of police and Rangers should be established in the affected areas, they demanded.

Talking to The Nation, Raheem Baloch, resident of Lyari, informed that Lyari localities were still tense and neither the police nor the Rangers were present in the areas.

Baloch said the whole Lyari and even the City knew the possible reaction but only the authorities did not know the consequences of five family members killed by Uzair Jan Baloh gang. Later, the same gang operatives had also killed Shiraz Zikri, the brother of notorious gang leader Ghaffar Zikri. Police and Rangers claimed to have killed Shiraz Zikri in an alleged encounter.

Siddique Baloch, a protestor, said the law enforcers had killed several people during the encounters but they had not seen any encounter in Lyari ever.

Residents said Shiraz was killed by Uzair operatives and later the police claimed to have killed him in an encounter.

Women protesters said the Rangers and the police could not even enter the areas during the clashes than how could they kill them.

They bluntly accused the law enforcers for supporting both the gangster groups by citing several examples of the release of prominent gangsters after their arrest.  

Earlier, the victims of Wednesday Lyari tragedy were laid to rest. Lyari and its surrounding areas witnessed complete shutdown as traffic and business activities remained closed but the authorities have yet not succeeded in ending the growing tension in the area.