ISLAMABAD- At least 132 terrorist attacks killed 130 people and injured 256 others in Pakistan in the month of February; 77 attacks were carried out by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and its allied groups, a report said.

Baloch nationalist insurgent groups perpetrated 41 attacks in Baluchistan, Sindh and south Punjab while sectarian militant groups were reportedly involved in 14 attacks, mainly in Karachi. These statistics were revealed in Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies’ monthly security report of Pakistan for February 2014.

The report revealed that as many as 132 terrorist attacks occurred in Pakistan during the month of February including six suicide attacks, which claimed the lives of 192 people, a decrease of 25 percent compared to the previous month. Law enforcement agencies, sectarian and religious targets, gas pipelines, civilians, and public and private property were among the targets frequently hit by the militants during the month under review.

As in previous month, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) was worst affected by terrorism where 42 reported terrorist attacks claimed the lives of 78 people and injured 147 others. Meanwhile 38 terrorist attacks in Baluchistan claimed the lives of 29 people and wounded 52 others. In terms of casualties in terrorist attacks, Sindh, mainly Karachi, was the second most volatile region of the country in February after Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where as many as 50 people lost their lives, including 41 in Karachi alone, and 129 others were injured in 28 reported attacks. Four reported attacks in Punjab killed two and wounded another 11 people. Compared to seven in previous month, Pakistani security forces launched eight targeted operational strikes against militants in the month of February, killing 130 militants in total, 132 percent more than in previous month, besides wounding 20 others.