LAHORE  - FIA immigration at Allama Iqbal International Airport arrested 260 passengers attempting to travel Europe, Middle East etc on forged documents during past three months.

As many as 55 foreign nationals mostly from African countries, who attempted to enter Pakistan on fake documents, were deported to their native countries, said official statistics issued by FIA on Friday. An FIA senior officer said that FIA AHTC Lahore arrested 78 travel agents involved in preparation of fake documents.

FIA immigration believed that the nationals of African countries, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia etc; usually stayed in Pakistan illegally and indulged in criminal activities like drug smuggling.

As per statistics immigration intercepted 442 individuals placed on stop list ECL / Blacklisted / Wanted category. The individuals involved in mega financial crime scams, terrorists and anti-national security activities, heinous crimes, are placed on ECL.

Likewise, the individuals involved in any illegal act in obtaining visa, passport and CNIC etc are placed on Black list. Mubarik Shah involved in mega fraud of Rs4 billion with general public and wanted by NAB Peshawar was arrested, he arrived at AIIAP Lahore by flight No NL767 dated April 11, 2014. The accused was at large since last many years. He could not be traced out by NAB authorities despite hectic efforts.

On January 16, 2014, an Indian lady passenger namely Nikita Kamlesh arrived by flight No NL-769 on counterfeit Pakistani passport in the name of Nimra Akmal was detected as imposter by immigration staff. She was accordingly deported to Muscat.

Immigration also arrested an FBI wanted Amir Ahmad and recovered of 176,100 US Dollar & 124,000 Euros from him. The accused was working as treasurer in State Department USA. He committed certain acts of omission and commission during his service. FBI registered case against him but he succeeded to flee away from USA on the strength of fake Mexican passport. He could not be detected throughout his travel from USA to Pakistan. The said passenger arrived at AIIAP Lahore by flight No EK624 dated April 28, 2014. FIA Immigration staff detected his passport as fake, he was interrogated with presence of mind and the above mentioned whole story was unearthed.

Immigration staff arrested 3 agents namely Khalid Javed, Mohsin Khan and Taimoor Akram at Lahore Airport and recovered 16 Blank visa stickers of UK.

An immigration officer said that proactive policy was adopted on the direction of higher authorities and informers were appointed to trace out the agent mafia involved in human smuggling and preparation of fake / forged travel documents. As a result of which the above mentioned gang was arrested and case was registered against them at FIA AHTC Lahore.

Apart from this 8 Afghan nationals namely Muhammad Nahim, Maryam Popal, Zartasht, Lilma Bakhtiari, Tajali Bakhtiari, Asif Khan, Shoukat Zaman & Masroor Ameer, who were attempting to travel UK via Italy on fake Bulgarian, Danish and Swiss passports etc 4 agents / accomplices namely Salah Ud Din, Noor Naeem Khan, Malik Mehboob Ahmad & Maratab Ali Bhatti were also arrested and case was registered against them at FIA AHTC Lahore.

They were travelling on PIA flight PK733 on Sept 30, 2014. A passenger Adnan Ali was arrested and immigration recovered 9 counterfeit British Passports from his possession.