The district police claimed to have succeeded 373 proclaimed offenders. Talking to the media in his office, DPO Zeshan Asgar said that Jhang police had busted the proclaimed offenders involved in murder, murderous assault, dacoity, robbery and other cases of heinous crimes.

He further detailed that seven of the offenders were involved in murder, 14 in dacoity and 8 in robbery incidents.

It busted 42 court absconders and 6 army deserters. It registered 39 cases under illegal arms while three riffles, nine guns, 26 pistols, 1 carbine and 106 cartridges were recovered. Under Narcotics Act 99, cases were registered and 13kg heroin, 6kg charas, 2kg opium, 1,118 bottles of liquor, 230 liters of raw liquor and five stills were recovered.