Recently there has been an increasing in auto shows in Pakistan. These auto shows not only provide car enthusiasts, like me, an opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of various amazing cars but a chance to inspect and learn about them. Moreover these shows also offer entertainment to the entertainment starved common man. I am an ardent follower of car shows and had an opportunity to visit the Dubai International Motor Show in 2013. The exhibition fuelled my interest further towards the vintage and modern day extraordinary cars, which were on display. Much to my excitement, March seems to be jam packed with various similar auto shows taking place in Pakistan, including the Pakistan Auto Show in Karachi and auto show in Lahore. I feel that they are doing a commendable job. I sincerely hope that such shows are held regularly; in fact the local auto industry should support such events, as these shows help consumers to decide on the purchase of their next car.


Karachi, March 10.