The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), responsible for regulating electricity, is not ready to approve Net Metering Tariff, despite repeated requests. Net Metering allows a customer to supply power to the grid, when not using the generated electricity from personal solar system. It is implemented in many countries, the amount of electricity that is used and supplied, is tracked by reverse meter and the customer is billed for the ‘net’ metered amount of energy consumed from grid.

Among the policy options available, to encourage the use of small renewable energy systems, Net Metering is one of the most appealing. A key part of this systems seems to be the greater sense of fairness to utility customers, who are generating their own electricity and getting benefit in billing, by adjusting the unit in selling and purchasing from their electric supplier companies.

But PML-N Government has started many energy projects which are still in the execution phase after two years. The government should eliminate the duty on solar system components like batteries, inverters and charge controllers to support this system and also immediately implement ‘Net Metering,’ as it will provide energy with least investment.


Lahore, March 10.