ISLAMABAD - The opposition jirga, seemingly in its last ditch effort to end the standoff between PTI and PML-N, proposed a final package of suggestions, calling for setting up of a judicial commission comprising three Supreme Court judges to investigate the election rigging allegations.

The opposition consultative body in its nine-point Terms of Reference (ToRs) forwarded to both the sides suggested that the judicial commission shall be able to co-opt the services of any law enforcement agency (including ISI, MI, FIA, IB, Nadra).

A copy of the proposed ToRs for the judicial commission formulated on the basis of joint suggestions given by PTI, PML-N and the jirga made available to The Nation, says, “The commission shall investigate into the allegation of rigging against the caretaker setup with the view to find if there was any benefit given to a particular party/candidate.”"This Judicial Commission shall be governed through General Elections 2013 Inquiry Commission Ordinance, 2015 duly agreed between PTI & PML-N," according to one of key suggestions of the draft. The proposals say that the government would be bound to act on the findings of the commission.

"The Judicial Commission shall investigate into the allegations of rigging as alleged by the complainants and each complainant will have to present some evidence to commission," it says. The commission, the draft says, shall inquire and determine whether it has been established if there was any rigging on an overall basis and if it was by design to benefit any individual or a party.

"The commission shall examine if the 2013 general elections were manipulated or influenced with the view to benefit any party or individual through systematic efforts against the spirit of the constitution," according to ToRs, recommending specific legal action under the relevant law against those who abetted and found involved in rigging.

"The Judicial Commission shall be fully empowered to constitute 'Investigation Teams' to ascertain facts and provide authentic information/reports to the Judicial Commission," says the proposed draft, adding that the proceedings of the commission shall be open and not in camera. It was also mentioned that the outcome of report of the commission would be made public within the period of 45 days.

Available copy of the letter signed by Senator Rehman Malik from PPP, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq, Senator Mir Hasil Bizenjo from National Party and Dr GG Jamal from Fata, and sent to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, also expects an early meeting between PTI and PML-N teams to agree with the proposed draft.

The jirga, in the letter, confidently remarked that they (the opposition jirga) examined the proposal for the constitution of Judicial Commission made by PTI and PML-N and by the opposition jirga itself. The jirga in the letter also assumed that the draft would satisfy the demand for investigation into the alleged rigging within the parameters of the constitution of Pakistan. It was also mentioned that the jirga appreciates both PTI and PML-N for their cooperation in concluding the proposed TORs and finding a way forward for the constitution of the Judicial Commission in the larger national interest.

Talking to The Nation, Senator Rehman Malik said that the opposition jirga after thoroughly examining the proposals of both the sides referred its ToRs to form Judicial Commission without a further delay. "We have left no space for a further delay as all the proposals from both sides are incorporated in the draft," Malik said, adding that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has also given positive remarks on it.

Both the sides, Malik said, in previous correspondence had endorsed the efforts of the jirga and shared their proposals for final draft. "Caretaker setup should not be neglected as they should also investigate with the view if there was any benefit given to a particular party/candidate,” he said.

PTI is adamant on its stance for the formation of Judicial Commission as party's lawmakers have submitted resignations to the National Assembly Secretariat. The PTI lawmakers who submitted resignations last year include Imran Khan, Sajid Nawaz, Dr Imran Khattak, Ali Muhammad Khan, Mujahid Ali, Aqibullah, Sheharyar Khan Afridi and Khaila Zaman Orakzaie.

Sources said that the PML-N government has recently barred its allied partner (JUI-F) from tabling any kind of a motion in the NA Secretariat to de-seat PTI lawmakers for their continuous absence from the lower house. PM Nawaz, sources said, has conveyed a special message to Fazlur Rahman to stop its lawmakers from tabling any such resolution.

Speaker Iyaz Sadiq and Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi in previous sessions had informed the house about the continuous absence of PTI members from proceedings sans any intimation. According to rules of business, if a parliamentarian is absent without leave for 40 consecutive days of house sittings, the speaker shall bring it to the notice of the assembly. On pointing, any member can move a motion. In case the motion is accepted the seat of the member shall be declared vacant.