Islamabad - Minister of State and Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), MNA Marvi Memon, chaired the 22nd meeting of the BISP Board here at BISP Secretariat on Friday.

It was the first meeting under her chairpersonship since assuming the office of chairperson of the programme. In her welcome note to the members of the board, she promised the board members to do her utmost for the betterment of the programme. She shared the vision of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif for ensuring empowerment of BISP beneficiaries, giving them integrity and a meaning to their lives.

She conveyed her resolve that she intends to transform BISP into a ‘Pride of Pakistan’ by ensuring efficiency and transparency and making the programme sustainable in the long-run.

During this meeting, the board approved Conduct of Proceedings Regulations 2015 and Board’s Powers and Functions Regulations 2015. This is an important milestone for ensuring smooth functioning of the board, as envisioned in the BISP Act, 2010.

This action was initiated by chairperson BISP because of the fact that during the year 2014, no board meeting could take place in BISP despite the provision in act for a meeting every quarter.

Furthermore, the board members also finalised committees of the board, including programme design committee, finance committee, audit committee, governance and integrity committee and obligations and liabilities committee.

These newly constituted committees would deliberate upon important policy matters/issues and form up their recommendations for the consideration of the board in setting future direction of the programme. The most important committee on design of the programme would suggest the future role of the BISP in social sector.

The chairperson desired that the committee should start working on the assigned tasks without any delay so that necessary direction to the management could be made available as soon as possible. She said that positive and valuable contribution of the committee members would help determine future of BISP as effective and sustainable organisation working for poorest of the poor.

The BISP board is headed by chairperson BISP while secretary BISP functions as secretary of the board. In addition, there are four members from the public sector and five from the private sector. During the meeting, the chairperson BISP encouraged for maximum participation of the members and sharing of expertise from the members especially from private sector, who have very diverse backgrounds and range of skills.