Murree - As summer season is not far away when tourists from across the country would be flooding the hill resort of Murree, the condition of Tehsil  Headquarters Hospital is deplorable as there is neither adequate staff nor medicines and the machinery which was donated last year is lying idle.

According to locals, the government has failed to fulfil the promise of construction of a new modern hospital to meet the needs of the residents. They said what is more condemnable is that the hospital lacks the minimum treatment facilities.

Several posts of specialists are lying vacant while the operation theatre is closed for the last few years due to non availability of Surgeon.  Even ECG technician is not available at the only government run hospital in Murree. Four posts of medical officers out of 12 and five out of six lady doctors are lying vacant.

The machinery for specialists which was donated last year is lying idle in a locked ward.  What is more pitiable is that essential medicines which are provided free of cost to poor patients in government run hospitals are also not available.