ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has taken a strict notice of the report published in a British newspaper “Sunday Mirror” and ordered the FIA to immediately arrest the Customs Officer identified in the report that brought bad name to the country.

The Interior Minister also ordered the FIA to complete the investigation into the matter and submit him report within 48 hours.  The Sunday Mirror on March 7th reported that it has obtained the footage of the Pakistani Customs officer at Islamabad airport telling a British traveller he won’t check his luggage if he pays him the bribe.

He says: “Sort me out and I’ll look after you as well. Give me £10.” The man’s luggage was later loaded on to an Emirates Boeing 777 with 350 passengers and crew on board, bound for Birmingham via Dubai.

The footage has horrified security experts.

Philip Baum, Editor of Aviation Security magazine, called for an urgent enquiry and said: “It is shocking and extremely worrying.” According to the newspaper, the Department for Transport is now demanding the Pakistani authorities take immediate action.

The three-minute video was filmed by a Birmingham businessman who was tipped off about airport bribery by Pakistani relatives before he returned home on February 23.

As he pushed his three large suitcases towards the departures desks he was immediately approached by one of several uniformed officials responsible for checking luggage.

Speaking in Urdu, the official goes through the usual check-in questions, then says: “Do you want us not to open the suitcases?”

The businessman replies: “If you want to check, you’re more than welcome. That’s your right. Please check them. I’m getting late.” Glancing around nervously, the official says: “Checking is compulsory. But if you give me a drink, we won’t open your bags. “Sort me out and I’ll look after you as well.”

The passenger asks: “A drink? How much are you after?” The official replies: “Give me £10.” The businessman refuses to pay and insists his bags are checked as the angry official moves on to other travellers.