LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that no laxity will be shown to the negligence by the departments concerned about their duties towards keeping items of essential need at reasonable prices as well as provision of relief to the people.

The chief minister was speaking to a meeting of Provincial Price Control Committee through video link, at Civil Secretariat on Friday.

He said that interests of the people would be protected at every cost and no one would be allowed to act against it. Rights of the people would be protected at all costs. He ordered stern action against those who are creating artificial shortage of vegetable oil, ghee and other essential items.

The chief minister said that protection of interests of the people of the province is responsibility of the government which will be fulfilled at every cost. He said that no effort should be spared for transferring the benefit of record reduction in prices of petroleum products directly to the people and the implementation on the plan evolved for providing quality essential items at cheaper rates should be continued.

Shahbaz Sharif warned that profiteering and hoarding are not tolerable. He directed that indiscriminate action should be taken against those selling items at higher than the fixed rates. He said that all commissioners, DCOs and concerned officials should take effective steps for providing relief to the people.

The chief minister said that rate lists should be displayed at appropriate places in the shops for the awareness of the people so that no one could overcharge. He said that implementation on the checking and monitoring system should be continued for ensuring provision of quality edible items in abundance.

Provincial Ministers Bilal Yasin, Dr. Farrukh Javed, MPA Rana Sanaullah, Chief Secretary, concerned secretaries, Commissioner Lahore Division, DCO Lahore and concerned officials attended the meeting through video link at Civil Secretariat.