LAHORE - Right activists have expressed concern over persecution of EDO, Education Hafizabad, Ashraf Haral for his refusal to succumb to political pressure.

A press release issued by Human Rights Movement (HRM) said that Haral has been transferred on the intervention of a federal minister for not meeting the illegitimate demand of a local PML-N worker who wanted an education official to be transferred to some other place.  

Office-bearers of the HRM, Nasir Iqbal Khan, Muhammad Raza Advocate and Asif Chathha said that EDO Education Hafizabad was being penalised for taking stance against illegal demand of a local political figure belonging to the ruling party.

They further said that DCO Hafizabad was under political pressure to release his EDO who has been transferred on behest of a federal minister.

The right activists viewed that Mr Haral’s transfer would send a wrong message to the honest and upright civil officers who would not resist political pressure any more for fear of prosecution.

They lamented that it had become a norm with the rulers to humiliate and penalize the honest offers who refuse to obey illegal orders of the political bosses. The RTM office bearers have threatened to surround the government offices if the Punjab government did not take back transfer orders of EDO Education.