wah cantt - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Senator Sirajul Haq, on Friday called for a ban on Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) over recovery of weapons from its headquarter during Rangers’ raid on Wednesday last.

He was addressing a public gathering here at Taxila on Friday. Commenting on the raid of Rangers at MQM’s headquarter Nine-Zero in Karachi, Siraj said that huge cache of illegal arms were recovered, besides arrest of notorious convicted criminals including murderer of journalist Wali Khan Babar, during the raid. The MQM is duty-bound to clarify its position in this regard. He said that JI has no conflict with MQM but it was against terror activities and extortion. He added that JI wants criminals to be brought to court of justice. He said that action of Rangers at Nine-Zero was a test case for CM Sindh and provincial government and they should support the paramilitary force.

The JI chief said that genuine change could be brought about in the country with removal of 500 families who have occupied power for the last 67 years. “The PPP and PML-N have been ruling the country since long. When will we have the government of people of Pakistan?” he asked. He said that both major parties are protecting each other’s rights and after coming to power, the JI would conduct ruthless accountability. “I live in a rented house in Peshawar,” Haq said proudly. He said that JI wants to bring Islamic revolution based on economic prosperity and social justice.