Mepco Employees Union Chairman Naimatullah Sheikh said that the proposed privatisation of distribution companies and other departments would not only “jeopardise” the national sovereignty but also deprive the employees of jobs.

They said that it would result in increasing of job timing from 8 to 12 hours, deduction in salaries and allowances, departmental facilities, employees’ sons employment and pensions.

He said that PTCL was a national department and when it was privatized, total employees were 68,000 who have been reduced to 16,000 while the salaries increased in the budget could not be given to the officials of PTCL and other privatised department officials.

He said that Kot Addu Power House was privatised due to which the whole country has been paying the price through the worst load shedding in the country.

Current leaders of Pakistan, whenever they came in the Government they start privatisation of national departments which not only hurt the employees but also the public. He requested all the political, religious, civil society, trade unions and federations to join their hands against the privatization and join the March 16 protest at WAPDA House Lahore under the leadership of Jamaat e Islami Ameer Sirajul Haq.