Despite Punjab government’s claims regarding bringing the vegetable ghee and oil prices down, the district administrations have failed to implement the decision as the commodity is being sold at old prices.

A survey on this issue revealed on Friday that it was not just ordinary shopkeepers who are selling the vegetable ghee and oil on old prices, also the Utility Stores, a chain of state-run stores, are selling the commodity at the old rate. The Utility Stores’ officials were of the opinion that they were under the federal government and they only accept orders from Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan and they could not decrease the prices until an order was issued from the corporation’s headquarters.

The ordinary shopkeepers were also equally defiant, claiming that they were being supplied the ghee and oil on old prices by the suppliers. “If the government wants to bring the prices down it should press the mill owners to supply the commodity on reduced prices,” shopkeeper Azeem Khan said. He added that the wholesalers and distributors of ghee and oil should be directed to supply the commodity on lowered prices so that the benefit could be passed on to the public.

Similarly in Sargodha, the district administration has failed to ensure the sale of ghee on reduced prices in city and suburban area and citizens are still deprived of the benefits of government directives to reduce the price by Rs15 per kilogramme.

The people said that in bazaars and shops significantly in street and town shopkeeper totally denied to sell ghee and cooking oil on reduced prices and termed that they had to buy ghee on old prices.

Commuters declared it the failure of relevant officials to maintain the government orders. Meanwhile price control magistrate claimed registration of cases against over two dozens shopkeepers for overcharging.