Pakistan fashion industry has truly come of age. We now clearly have an identity of our own called Pakistani fashion, which is certainly on way to getting international recognition. The presentations on the third day of the ninth edition of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW16) were a testimony to the fact.

Pakistani fashion is steeped in its rich cultural heritage and lore of the land. Fashion weeks are not just fun and looking at the glamour of collections. It is all about the business of fashion that is burgeoning like never before. The third day shone with Zara Shahjahan’s new collection focusing on summer season appeal of fashion literati. HSY is showcasing two collections in this fashion week and is also the event producer and choreographer.

The HSY did not only present forecast about the fashion trends the show also introduces a campaign tilted ‘Be Yourself’ focusing on the women empowerment and uplifting the socio-economic status of the women of our country. A short film was also showcased in connection with the be yourself complain which ended with a conclusion what makes a women beautiful are not the external traits but it was her confidence, both internal and external beauty and empower enough to prove herself powerful in all fields of life.

Day-3 featured Hang Ten, DSS, Umer Iftikhar and Denizen and designer prét-a-porter shows by Khaadi Khaas, The House of Kamiar Rokni, Zonia Anwaar, Saira Shakira, Zara Shahjahan and HSY presented the finale.

Khaadi Khaas

Day-3 was opened by designer label Khaadi Khaas which showcased their luxury prét collection “Translucent” at PSFW16. “Translucent” is inspired from nature; where each element is unique on its own - yet as a whole looks alike. Swarovski crystals, pearls and acrylics were the focus of this collection along with the fluidity of different translucent fabrics.

Hang Ten

The High Street Fashion segment on Day-3 was opened by premier Pakistani high-street brand ‘Hang Ten’. The brand showcased their Spring/Summer 2016 collection ‘The Nautical Look’ which takes its inspiration from the Cruise and is based in a dynamic colour palette featuring different hues of blues, greys, whites, reds mixing up with not-so-nautical colours such as mustard, orange and turquoise.


Following Hang Ten was designer Dur-e-Shahwar who showcased her collection “The Queen of Hearts” under her label DSS. The collection was a tribute to the legendry Lady Diana, her Elegance, Style, royalty and femininity. Based in tones of deep red, coffee gold and solid black, the trends featured in the collection were modern embellishment details, unconventional cuts of jackets, layering and motif details.

Umer Iftikhar

Designer Umer Iftikhar showcased his “Banjaranama” collection in the high-street segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by a “Banjaranama”; a story of a guy who leaves his homeland in search of existence. After realizing the cruel treatment of society against the transgenders, Banjaranama is a dedication to all those people who are homeless in their own homes. Fabrics used in this collection were organza and zari for the sheer look, shimmer and silks are used to get the shiny look.


The concluding High Street Fashion show of the day was presented by Denizen which made its PFDC debut with their “On-The-Go” High-Street collection. The collection was inspired by the millennials and the go-getters who stand out because of their funk mantra and encapsulates the youth and their lifestyle. It featured trends such as jogger pants, skate shorts, trackpants, printed tights, Jacquard printing, eye catching graphic tees with funky techniques and hand woven fabrics.

Kamiar Rokni

House of Kamiar Rokni showcased a complete version of the capsule collection which celebrates the art of elegance. It draws on a diversity of traditional fabrics and craft techniques, along with engaging cultural and traditional references. The collection is based in a palette of natural tones with the shades of blue and pops of pink across a range of fabrics.

Zonia Anwaar

Zonia Anwaar with her fifth showcase at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week showed a collection titled ‘Kievan’ which is inspired by culture of the Kievan Rus era from medieval times by incorporating modern Ukrainian decorative art with their floral and cross stitch intricate prints or patterns.


PSFW16 showcased their Spring/Summer 2016 collection ‘Ysatis’ at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan returned to the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week platform for the fifth time with a new Luxury/Prêt collection titled “Sartorialist”. The label’s #PSFW16 collection was a modern take on the Kashmiri “Phiran” (oversized kurta) and was coupled with a minimalistic and organic look. The womenswear collection was based in a color palette of earthy shades and soft pastels on pure cotton linen with contemporary chic detailing and edgy silhouettes.

Zara Shahjahan’s signature floral motif was an integral part of the collection’s embellishments, which were purposely minimal to ensure that the primary focus is on the silhouette.


Day-3’s finale was presented by Pakistan’s celebrated designer label, HSY. The brand showcased its S/S Luxury Prét Collection “Be Yourself” which embraces the spirit of individuality. This same ethos manifests itself in the collection, with work inspired from different regions of the world, to create individual statement pieces.

The collection presented a range of menswear and womenswear across a range of silhouettes including cropped jackets, safari suits, along with tunics, trousers which are boot cut or with larger volumes for breathability. Shalwars like the patiala/the 80s balloon shalwar were redone to make it look more contemporary along with presenting interesting detailing such as a distinctive dropped armhole sleeve. Film personality and brand spokesperson for HSY, Bilal Ashraf walked the ramp as the brand’s celebrity showstopper.