LAHORE - The Sundar Industrial Estate has failed to check the manufacturing of illegal mobil oil by a Chinese company in a factory that has been possessed illegally, The Nation has learnt.

According to the documents copies of which are available with this reporter, the Chinese company has installed substandard containers, boilers and has set up no fire-fighting system in blatant violation of the SIE rules and laws of the land.

The Chinese company ‘Yong Sheng Oil Processing Plant Pvt Ltd’ has occupied the 13-kanal plot owned by a local company ‘Standard Carpet Private Limited.’ The company is neither ready to vacate the plot in violation of the (lease agreement) nor paying the rent for the past several months. The post-dated cheques of Yong Sheng Oil Processing Plant, paid to the plot owner, was dishonoured by the bank concerned while the Police are not ready to register a case against foreign company’s owner despite being a ‘blatant offender.’

Raziuddin Sheikh, the Managing Partner of Standard Carpet, has submitted an application to Sundar Industrial Estate CEO Col (r) Naveed Mushtaq Gill for the eviction of tenant (Yong Sheng Oil Processing Plant Pvt Ltd) from its plot No 376 at Sundar Estate. He has also written a letter to the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Consulate in Lahore against the chief of Yong Sheng Oil Processing Plant Pvt Ltd Fu Pengtao for his gross violation of the lease agreement, blatant violation of an undertaking and illegal possession of property.

Raziuddin Sheikh said: “We signed a Lease Agreement on January 30, 2015 with Mr Fu Pengtao, a Chinese National having passport No G22285404, Director Yong Sheng Oil Processing Plant (Pvt) Ltd (cellphone number: 0335-0450568) in respect of our property situated at Plot No 376, SIE for a period of 11 months. That the lease agreement expired on December 31, 2015 and we served a notice on Mr Fu Pengtao to vacate our property. We also issued an eviction notice to Mr Fu, who is engaged in the unlawful processing of used mobile oil, which is also violation of the lease agreement.” The Standard Carpet managing partner said that Chinese company had also installed substandard containers, boilers etc. full of combustible liquids right next to the walls of the factory hall. An explosion is a strong possibility which could damage our property, neighbouring factories and the workforce. He said that the untreated toxic industrial waste being generated at the factory is not only polluting the air and surroundings of the Demised Premises, it could also harm structure of the building.

He said that the Chinese company had no fire-fighting arrangement on the premises in clear violation of laws of the land and by-laws of the SIE. “It is a clear violation of the clause 21 of the Lease Agreement and the SIE rules that i and my staff have been using the demised premises for residential purposes,” Mr Raziuddin claimed.

“We have also come to know that owner of the Chinese Company has defaulted on millions of rupees of several other helpless Pakistanis including supplier of the used mobile oil.” He said that Mr Fu Pengtao did not vacate the property in question even by the expiry period of his notice and now has been in illegal possession.

Even after our repeated requests, Mr Fu refused to get the factory insured despite the fact that he is dealing in combustible materials. Mr Fu signed an undertaking in the presence of witnesses on January 31, 2016, but he did not fulfil any of the commitments he made in the undertaking to-date. Mr Raziuddin also told the Chinese embassy and Consulate that Mr Fu is a Chinese national and his misdeeds are tarnishing the fair name of People’s Republic of China.

He said that Standard Carpet, the owner of the plot, also filed an application with the CCPO Lahore (575/PRI dated 22-02-2016) and moved the Sessions Court under Section 22 A&B of the CrPC for registration FIR against Mr Fu for the dishonoured cheques. He said that Mr Fu Pengtao had issued four post-dated cheques amounting to Rs130,000 each in his favour as rent for the months of May, November, December 2015 and January 2016 (total of 520,000). These cheques were dishonoured on presentation which as per section 489-F of the Pakistan Penal Code 1860, is a criminal offence leading to three years imprisonment. But Police did not take action so far against the Chinese company.

The Nation repeatedly tried to contact Yong Sheng Oil Processing Plant Private Limited Director Fu Pengtao, but his cell phone (0335-0450568) continuously remained off.