Being a regular customer at Jalal Sons , I really never thought of trying any other superstore in town. There had been a few troubles that my husband and I faced but we had no other choice- as going to Alfatah was not my cup of tea because of its congested space between the aisles and my husband had parking issues to bear. Now as Alfatah has shifted to a new and fancy building but the parking issue remains the same, despite the company introducing the valet service! Anyways when we came to know about another grocery store opening up in Gulberg, that was when the inconveniences at Jalal Sons felt stronger and we decided to change our destination and give a try to The Global Store opened up in Mini Market, Gulberg. Having a somewhat pleasant experience at TGS, we now go there more often and till date we are content! Since I have a habit of penning things down so here I am trying to compare the both stores and finding out what really matters!

1. Space:

I am someone who hates congested and clogged places. As compared to Jalal Sons , I found TGS more spacious so one can walk without the fear of dropping things down from the aisles or bumping into someone or altogether coming to a standstill if you see someone coming from the other side with a stuffed trolley. The JS guys really need to think about expanding the area. At JS the floors are not intelligently distributed- as they have a full crockery section on their 2nd floor where hardly anyone goes as there is no lift too, so the customers usually don’t go upstairs to get just a set of glasses or mugs! The first floor is limited to just the children toys and believe me almost NO ONE would go to buy toys for kids when they have numerous other options available in Lahore. Intelligent distribution of floors, keeping in mind the buying trends of customers is what the JS guys need to take into notice. At TGS the ground floor is groceries, meat and bakery; first floor is for cosmetics, perfumery, crockery and lingerie; and second floor toys, baby products, sports and party packaging! It is surely a thoughtful planning. Having a lift is something that gave TGS extra credit!

·         Jalal Sons :  2/5

·         TGS: 3.5/5


2. Variety:

The variety of goods present in both the stores is appraisable. JS stocks the DCO meat section but it is very painful to even look at the bloody chicken present in their cold shelves, turning the red blood into black and making it an eye-sore! At least they should clean the meat properly!  Here again my experience with TGS was better than it was in JS as I could not find spaghetti of my favourite local brand in JS but I found it in TGS. I also noticed many national and international brands stocked in TGS which were missing in JS. It was a pleasure getting all the local and global brands at one place and knowing that you do not have to stop to another shop to get the things you have not found in ‘the’ big stores out there!

·         Jalal Sons : 3/5

·         TGS: 4/5

3. Staff:

The staff at JS seems to be underpaid as most of the times they have an irritated look on the face; may be this happens when your ‘seniors’ scold you in front of the customers! The meat section guys, showed many acts of carelessness and caused us inconvenience; for example when I told them to make my desired packets of meat while I come back getting the grocery items from the other floor, upon my return I was told that the leg pieces which I ordered have been finished because the guy forgot to keep my share. I would have forgiven and forgotten it if the very next day, when I went there for monthly grocery and stuffed my trolley entirely but when I went to the cash counter, they were having trouble with their POS machine- repeatedly assuring them that I would be back in maximum 10 minutes after getting the cash from nearby ATM, when I came back, my trolley was empty and upon asking the staff member I was told all the items have been put back in the selves because they did not know whether I would come back or no! (I almost go there every day and the staff recognizes me too!) Wow! I should have applauded for their ‘quick service!’ Anyways at TGS, the staff members are pleasant and helpful; however they just need to know more about the prices of items instead of running again and again to the counter and asking!

·         JS: 2/5

·         TGS: 4/5

4. Bakery Products:

The One thing that Jalal Sons is better at- their freshly baked products! But since the company takes very less notice of the customers’ demands, if unfortunately you go to JS after 5pm, you would not find even traces of their patties. It’s been happening from years and when I go there asking for patties, I literally see at least one person apart from me asking for the patties! I do not understand what the hitch is in producing fresh patties in evening? The company takes full advantage of their fine bakery products as the prices of bakery items as not at all pocket friendly- be it the patties or biscuits! TGS has to improve a lot in their bakery section. The items need to be fresh and deals should be introduced to become more customer plus pocket-friendly!

·         JS: 3.5/5

·         TGS: 2/5


Packets opened and things fallen to the floor, foul smell, wet floor with no caution label are some of the things I literally hate about Jalal Sons . No such view is thankfully seen at TGS. TGS is way better than JS in terms of cleanliness. Period!

·         Jalal Sons : 2/5

·         TGS: 4/5

Although Jalal Sons was given the best bakery award, they just should not really sit back and relax but continuously try to improve the customers’ experiences. We have not forgotten how the Punjab Food Authority fined them on not writing the expiry date on bakery products! We seriously expect way more from our ex-favourite JS!  And TGS should learn from the mistakes of such an old retail brand and yearn to do better to maintain their standard!

On the whole JS got 2.5/5

TGS got 4/5