Staff Report


Google has launched its advanced navigation system for Pakistani users.

The navigation feature is presently for beta users and can be accessed on any android phone. With new proper navigation system, users will get automatic guidance based on their real-time location and turn by turn details through voice commands.

The previous navigation system available on Google Store was having basic features only, it was also missing automated voice guidance. In the updated app, after opening the navigation, phone screen will remain lit and the voice guidance will alert about coming turns, traffic jams.

The users will also be alerted if they make any wrong turn. The new introduced feature was already in use in many of the developed countries.

In order to get the latest software, users can download it from Google Store. Following the instructions the new app can be downloaded and activated with an internet connection or WI-FI.

Due to security reasons and for the smooth flow of traffic, the Islamabad administration continues to close many of the roads without any intimation.

U-turns has also been closed and opened on daily basis. Residents believe if this new feature could guide motorists about the real time changes in routes, on real time basis, it would be a major breakthrough.