LAHORE - Habib Jalib was remembered on his 23rd death anniversary at Lahore Arts Council (Alhamra) yesterday.

The Habib Jalib Memorial Foundation arranged a seminar to pay tribute to the revolutionary and outspoken poet of his time.

Speakers highlighted the efforts and struggles of the poet Habib Jalib and said he always registered his stance on every issue of the country including social issues. They said Jalib always advocated the rights of the workers especially trade union workers, and this was the symbol of a great poet he commented on all the social aspects.

Jalib raised his voice for the common people and also faced imprisonment, the speakers added.

Khursheed Ahmed Khan of All Pakistan Hydro Electric Workers union, Habib Jalib foundation president Nasir Jalib, Dr Abdul Basit, Azam Nazir Tariq, Anas Ghazi, Akbar Ali Khan, Waleed Iqbal, Dr Iftikhar Bukhari, Khalid Nawaz Awan, Iftikhar Shahid and others were present on the occasion.

Shabana Majeed, Natasha Zameer, Muzafar Ch, and Mustafa Mir also sang Jalib’s poetry.

The revolutionary poet was widely famous among masses for his poems like ‘Zulmat Ko Zia’, “Mein Nahi Manta’ and several others. He also wrote poem on the crisis in the then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, at the time of 1971 war titled Bagiya Lahoo Luhan.

Habib Jalib died on March 13, 1993 at the age of 64.

The event organisers also announced that a Mehfil-e-Mushaira will be held at Alhamra Arts council on Jalib’s 88th birth anniversary, March 19.