Dear Hamza Ali Abbasi,

What makes a terrorist good? Do you think that because Afghan Taliban don't attack Pakistan and are partly funded from here, they're not bad? Do you think that Afghan children aren't children? Do you think that Afghan women aren't women? Do you think that Afghan men aren't men? Do you think that they don't feel pain? Do you consider them human? Do you think it's okay for them to die as long as our interests are served in Afghanistan? Why do you get angry when TTP attacks Pakistani civilians? They believe they're fighting for God and are his mujahideen, a term used by Afghan Taliban to describe themselves. From stoning women to death to hanging 15 year olds to death on charges of espionage, both Pakistani and Afghan chapters are the same. It's your sense of exceptionalism that makes you believe that they are good. They have killed thousands of Afghan citizens but they are good because they condemned the Peshawar attack?

I'm sure you would mention a mullah Umar and the destruction of poppy fields in Afghanistan but that would only show us how detached from reality you really are. Pakistani current generation suffers from a crippling heroin problem, which has stumped and inhibited the growth of human resources of Pakistan. Basically, the Afghan Taliban have given us nothing but heartbreak and they have directly contributed to our problems by being heavily involved in heroin trade. Heroin use in this country has become an epidemic and something Pakistan doesn't have the resources to fight.

Living in big houses and even bigger bubbles is fine as long as you don't shove your ideology on other people. You have over 3 million followers on Facebook and all people ask of you is to be responsible.

They both kill people, they both stone women, they both rape children and they both want power. There is no difference between them. This not one of those things one can brush aside by saying I have a different opinion than yours. If you condone the Afghani chapter of Taliban, you're essentially saying that Afghan people aren't human beings but rather some backwards subhuman creatures. People like you call people like us (people who know that they're both) Indian agents, sickulars and libtards. This is our country and we have an equal stake in this and we're sick of people like you hijacking our motherland.

For reference to my claims, you can visit this website for fact checks.

Thank you,

An average Pakistani