Diverting attention of rulers from failures of bureaucrats by suggesting dubious reasons as the real cause is a time tested bureaucratic culture. One such typical example is computerisation of arms licences of all irrespective of age and credentials of arms licence holders, knowing very well that computerised fake CNICs in thousands have been detected, and terrorists and other criminals do not plan crime with licenced arms.

Countless millions of productive manhours and rupees have gone into this ongoing arms licences computerisation procedures besides untold sufferings of the law-abiding arms licence holders, particularly the senior citizens in poor health. This problem could be easily solved just by checking only arms licences of the suspects which is no problem for the local police.

I appeal to worthy Interior Minister and worthy CM Punjab to kindly demand presentation of facts and figures to prove improved control of terrorism and violent crimes as a result of arms licences computerisation. Still time for worthy CM Punjab to permit at least the senior citizens to continue renewal of arms licences from the nearest post offices.


Rawalpindi, February 20.